10+ years of experience in golfing and a keen interest in whisky, now helping people have a comfortable drinking experience with a purpose. Growing 67% a year in sales for the first few years with over 3 FTEs. (Greg Ramsay)

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In this episode, I interview Greg Ramsay, the Founder, and CEO of The NZ Whisky Collection based in Hobart, Australia. Greg has set up his own business together with his two business partners to flourish the Whisky industry around the country.

With over 10 years of golfing experience and a keen interest in whisky, Greg has decided to build a ready-made whisky business to share its history to people and develop his passion and happiness. The NZ Whisky Collection was established in 2011 and has been running for over 11 years. Growing 67% a year in sales for the first few years with over 3 FTEs.

Greg has said that growing a small business requires resilience and thick skin in order to help make more progress in growing a small business. So he says “I couldn't do anything like a typical businessman does. I just wouldn't be good in a nine-to-five job, and with a lot of people you're going into business with, you've got to have resilience.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Working in consulting firms like golf, whisky, and tourism projects and businesses for 11 years together with Troy Trewin.
  • Expert in visionary leadership and management.
  • Buying a cashflow-ready whisky product.
  • Reinventing the brands and opening up a lot more sales channels around the world.
  • 10 years of exporting products in 300 stores abroad.
  • Qualified as a single malt master class barman.
  • Got a job with a Golf Management Company and worked in 26 states.
  • Growing 67% a year in sales for the first few years.
  • Got 360 fabulous investors that joined along the journey of building a distillery.
  • Flourishing the Whisky industry around the country.


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“Success is a sense of peace and harmony.” —Greg Ramsay

“Don’t get too fussy with money coming inside the door but get fussy when you’re putting it out.” —Greg Ramsay

“You can never control your income, you can just do your best at it.” —Greg Ramsay

“Put the right people behind visions to avoid misconceptions. —Greg Ramsay

“Make sure that everything is visible around and you don’t lock yourself away.” —Greg Ramsay



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