100: A former Royal Marine physical trainer for 9 years, crumbled and barely living with a purpose, improved life for 6 years and now helping thousands of entrepreneurs who want to be more effective with their time and energy. (James Boardman)

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In this episode, I interview James Boardman, the Founder of Time Domination based in Bexhill, UK, which helps and supports business owners in managing their time, energy, balance, and productivity in order to have a sustainable personal and professional life. Time Domination prioritizes the mental and emotional well-being of their clients considering these as important as physical health. 

James Boardman was a former military man serving under the Royal Marines for 9 years. After leaving the Royal Marines, his world crumbled. He knows from his personal experience the importance of mental and emotional health in setting priorities. 

Improving daily habits like physical, mental, and emotional fitness is what James has been implemented for his clients. He said, “Physical challenges that you set yourself, whatever it is, it’s about having an emotional connection.”

This Cast Covers: 

  • Managing time, energy, balance, and productivity to avoid early burnout. 
  • Productivity & balance are real foundational pillars of every business owner to garner success. 
  • Helping entrepreneurs become much more effective with their time and energy in their professional life.
  • The key to mental fortitude in business and personal life is connecting physical challenges to emotional health.
  • The importance of working with no barriers, yet growing the business.
  • The struggles many business owners go through trying to grow the business takes a huge part in obtaining a winning business.
  • Talks about the mental health implications of running a business, the mental & emotional breakdown of the business. 
  • Working on four pillars business, health, relationships, and personal development.
  • How setting the vision often as support makes a difference. 

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“I love the process by having always loved the process.” – James Boardman

“Physical challenges that you set yourself, whatever it is, it’s about having an emotional connection.” – James Boardman

“People should understand why others wanted to do it and choose to quit or stay.” – James Boardman

“If you are not growing, you cannot grow your business.” – James Boardman

“Taking your roles and responsibilities is what moves the business forward.” – James Boardman 


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