In her late 20s, started an online investment platform, providing equal opportunity to everyone who wants to grow their wealth. From no customer to over 350,000 investors & from a small team to the current 150 members in 5 yrs. (Brooke Roberts)

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In this episode, I interview Brooke Roberts, the Co-Founder, Co-CEO, and Director of Sharesies based in Wellington, New Zealand. Sharesies is an online investment platform believing that everyone deserves the opportunity to grow their wealth. It also gives access to invest in thousands of companies aiming to create the most financially empowered generation.

Roberts, with her experience in finance and marketing, started an online platform of investment in 2016 together with five other co-founders. Initially, they barely find investors but later on customers slowly show up. In five years, they have over 350,000 investors and are working with a total of 150 members in the team.

Their pleasant attitude towards challenging times allows them to continually succeed. Maintaining positivity as one of the values is highly remarkable. Roberts said, “I really think optimism is so important.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Providing equal opportunity to grow wealth regardless of how much money a person has.
  • Building an online investing platform for accessibility.
  • Helping people be better savers and have financial insights.
  • Garnered 350,000 investors over the last five years.
  • Creating the most financially empowered generation.
  • Bringing a lot of innovations to investing unlocks a lot of areas leading to real purpose-driven marketing.
  • Visualizing the purpose and seeing people who have invested and at the same time succeeding.
  • The importance of effective communication & planning to deliver the vision of the business.
  • Making sure that someone with $5 has the same investment opportunities as someone with $500,000.

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“Focusing on your purpose and vision and setting up values really enabled our business to flourish and grow.” – Brooke Roberts

“Success to me so it’s always chasing it.” – Brooke Roberts

“Being understanding is one thing to be considered for a fast-growing business.” – Brooke Roberts

“Knowing who we are and what we stand for are integrated in our business.” – Brooke Roberts 

“I really think optimism is so important.” – Brooke Roberts

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