104: With over 17 yrs of experience in running IT companies, incorporated a remote recruitment agency to help companies hire remote employees. From being the only employee to now having 42 FTE & grew revenue by 30% or 40% every year. (Sharon Koifman)

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In this episode, I interview Sharon Koifman, the Founder of DistantJob based in Montreal, Canada. DistantJob is a remote recruiting agency that specializes in helping companies hire remote employees. They are the best in finding talents and career-driven individuals offering them full-time remote positions.

Sharon incorporated the business when he was in his early 20s. From being the only full-time employee to now having 42 FTE, the business now generates 30 or 40% growth in revenue every year. He is also one of the best-selling authors of the book Surviving Remote Work which was published just last year on the 17th day of November.

Sharon says he learned a lesson from his previous business that the number one key to be a great marketer is, “understanding your number” like the acquisition cost of clients and loss of clients. So then, you will know how much you can spend on marketing. 

This Cast Covers:

  • Specializing in finding the best and smartest individuals and soliciting them from established companies.
  • Motivating remote employees to have the mentality of full-time permanent career-driven individuals.
  • The transition from the standard method of working to having to work from home.
  • Highlighting the benefits of working from home- from being flexible of their time, productivity and saves the money allotted for transportation.
  • How they grew revenue 30 or 40% every year for 8 years.
  • The importance of marketing power to grow the business proportionately.
  • How understanding the numbers like acquisition cost of clients and loss of clients become a key to be a great marketer.
  • The importance of managing productivity to be able to produce as much as possible in very little time.
  • Believing that every company deserves access to the world’s top talent.
  • Using more than a decade of experience running IT companies to develop the remote recruitment model.

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“Once you can stay in the business, you will eventually figure out to make it successful.” – Sharon Koifman

“Success for me looks like enough financial freedom to be able to do anything that you want without purchasing stupid things.” – Sharon Koifman

“The number one key to be a great marketer is understanding your number.” – Sharon Koifman

“I believe in experimenting and failing, it works well for me, at least.” – Sharon Koifman

“I will fight as long as I can to keep my company and the people working for the company.” – Sharon Koifman


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