105: In her early 50s, with her corporate experience, started her long-time dream business, a property management company in 2017, initially purchased a rent roll of 200 properties to 420 currently with a net promoter score of 40. (Sadhana Smiles)

australia fte 6-10 podcast real estate sales $1m-$3m aud May 16, 2021

In this episode, I interview Sadhana Smiles, the director of Harcourts Move, a property management company based in Melbourne, Australia. Harcourts Move’s mission is to help investors grow their property portfolio by managing properties and making sure that clients get the right tenants.

Starting a property management company has been a long-time dream of Sadhana. She started Harcourts Move in July 2017 in her early 50s. She has seen many different markets and understands how this industry works. The company started by purchasing a rent roll of 200 properties and now sits on 420 properties for 3 and a half years with a current net promoter score of 40.

Sadhana wants a business that creates a culture that people want to belong to. “My biggest focus is making sure that my people work in an environment that’s going to keep them there for as long as I possibly can.” – Sadhana Smiles

This Cast Covers:

  • Managing properties and making sure that clients get the right tenants.
  • Getting continued capital growth through investment properties.
  • From a receptionist in a real estate firm to a Director of her own company.
  • Building an asset by practicing what a corporate person tells business owners how to run their businesses.
  • The work of building better connections between the industry and clients.
  • Learning a lot of lessons while running a business, from making money to what systems to use in order to alleviate the loss.
  • How relying on technology makes the business profitable.
  • Providing high levels of transparency to clients.

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“Relying on technology is one of the lessons I learned for the business to become profitable.” – Sadhana Smiles            

“If you have happy people in your business, you’re going to have happy clients.” – Sadhana Smiles

“Success for me looks like building a place where people want to be.” – Sadhana Smiles

“So be really clear on your target market, then go after them hard and be transparent with clients.” – Sadhana Smiles

“Take the time to hire the right people.” – Sadhana Smiles


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