107: Started dairy sheep enterprise in 2002, evolved from birthing sheep to vodka distilling- won World’s Best Vodka & awarded as the Australian Champion Vodka 5 yrs in a row. Grew 2 FTE to the current 20 in 19 yrs with 40% annual return. (Diane Rae)

australia distilling food and beverage fte 11-20 podcast sales $1m-$3m aud tasmania May 23, 2021

In this episode, I interview Diane Rae, the CEO of Ewenique Enterprises based in Tasmania, Australia- known for its sheep-making cheese expertise and best vodka. Ewenique Enterprises is the incorporation of Grandvewe Cheeses- a farmhouse cheesery that uses sheep milk to make exceptional cheese and Hartshorn Distillery- a micro-distillery that makes vodka and gin from their own sheep whey.

Diane Rae’s career didn’t start as a cheesemaker, she was a psychologist and a financial planner. She doesn’t have an idea she would fall as a cheesemaker and a famous dairy sheep breeding consultant. They started as a dairy sheep enterprise, evolved into incorporating a distillery, and even won Best Vodka in 2018 at the World Vodka Awards in London. Through the innovation of strategies and use of digital marketing, they made significant growth with a 40% annual return. Grew 2 FTE to the current 20 in 19 years in the business.

It is amazing to know how a small business grows through innovations and a great attitude in spite of challenges. Diane Rae has shown a great attitude toward the challenges her business had faced which helped the business to become more successful. “The challenges in growing a small business is such a wonderful field for creativity and thinking outside the square.”- Diane Rae

This Cast Covers:

  • How a particular passion in business leads to success.
  • How challenges in growing a small business become pieces for innovation.
  • Leading the team members to do the right things in order for the business to survive.
  • How making a profit means having fun in business.
  • The importance of understanding differences and being the key to a successful business.
  • How hard work means a lot in growing a business.
  • Getting the most amazing rewards in return for fulfilling the things needed by the business.
  • How digital marketing helps small business owners communicate their products to people.
  • Motivating each team member to do the right thing.
  • Being innovative for significant growth and development. 

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“If you are not making a profit, you’re not actually having fun in your business.” – Diane Rae

“It is important to know your whys because it drives you.” – Diane Rae

“Success means hard work.” – Diane Rae

“Learn to respect each other and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, understanding the differences is the key to a successful business.” – Diane Rae

 “The challenges in growing a small business is such a wonderful field for creativity and thinking outside the square.” – Diane Rae


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