108: Aged 28 in 2008, started a Language Institute in Boston & was then incorporated in an International Education company with annual revenue of 20%. Pivoted to online coaching during a pandemic, helping people reach their potential. (Edward Rocha)

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In this episode, I interview Edward Rocha, the founder and President of Rola Corporation and the Rola Languages, and CEO of The Morning Goals. Rola Languages is now a part of Rola Corporation, an international education company providing services, such as management consulting and business training. Furthermore, Edward launched his third business, The Morning Goals to help entrepreneurs, creatives, and aspiring reach their full potential.

Edward is a passionate entrepreneur, language and communications specialist. That’s when he came up with an idea to formalize his teaching method and founded Rola Languages in 2008 which became a part of Rola Corporation, which was also founded by Ed in 2015. Five years later, The Morning Goals was born and during the afflict of the pandemic, Ed pivoted to coaching.

“Getting your first client and then your 10th client is the hardest thing in growing a small business,” says Edward. But, he also mentions that he likes to see things grow because he finds himself creative just like an artist and at the same time an entrepreneur. 

This Cast Covers:

  • Started coaching business during the exploitation of the pandemic.
  • Saw an opportunity to lean in his business experience with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • To help entrepreneurs sort of in crisis both professional and personal.
  • From banking and finance to a language coach.
  • Replicating the system of teaching languages from a quality control perspective.
  • Taking advantage of the opportunities that exist leads to high leverage.
  • Looking for possible ways to cope with business circumstances.
  • Spent a year creating content in social media.
  • The importance of feeling the best a person possibly can to be an effective marketer.
  • Keeping everyone happy and building a community in a business.
  • Defined success as maintaining the reputation and continuing the innovation of growth.

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“I think sometimes there’s this push that people see the excitement.” – Edward Rocha

“As small business owners, we sometimes grow without planning and only grow from our passion in our hearts.” – Edward Rocha 

“As a chief marketer of your company, you need to feel the best you possibly can, from a motivational perspective, from a visionary perspective, from an innovation perspective.” – Edward Rocha

“Success is defined as maintaining our reputation, and continuing the innovation of growth that we’ve done.” – Edward Rocha

“So for me, as long as we can keep everybody happy, I believe in building communities in my businesses.” – Edward Rocha


Music from https://filmmusic.io “Cold Funk” by Kevin MacLeod https://incompetech.com. License: CC by http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0