109: An expert in body language and voice, combines the skills gained from an international opera-singing career and organizational psychology, to help business leaders unlock their confidence and excel in communication. (Dr. Louise Mahler)

australia consulting podcast subject matter expert May 30, 2021

In this episode, I interview Dr. Louise Mahler, a body language and voice expert and one of the best motivational leadership speakers in her area in Australia. One of the areas of Dr. Mahler’s expertise is helping business leaders stand and develop skills to make people listen that would help for the growth of their business. 

Dr. Louise Mahler actually has a Ph.D. in business, and degrees, and masters in organizational psychology as well as an opera-singing career. Her skills from these experiences give her a unique perspective on what presence and authority entail. She provides highly practical methods emphasizing the study of the mind-body relationship and business applications for the improvement of global leaders.

“Our life is a presentation,” Dr. Mahler said. She points out that people’s lives are similar to giving presentations. “It’s how you present yourself in life and bring yourself forward,” she added.

This Cast Covers:

  • How body language makes people better & brings the best of them to their work.
  • How a life of a person similar to a presentation.
  • The relevance of skills in every form of work.
  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking.
  • The importance of body language & confidence to business owners & in growing a small business.
  • How facial expressions bring positivity even in a virtual environment.
  • The importance of non-verbal communication in giving presentations.
  • Helping business owners get better in body language & communication by development resources.
  • The relevance of increasing professional development in the area of communication for business leaders. 

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“Our life is a presentation. It’s how you present in life, bring yourself forward, and the skill is highly relevant in every form.” – Dr. Louise Mahler

“I believe in the mind-body voice connection. Fear starts with the mind, and the mind reflects in the body.” – Dr. Louise Mahler

“He who presents wins. It’s just the way to get through.” – Dr. Louise Mahler

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing in this world.” – Dr. Louise Mahler

“Language is the perception of others.” – Dr. Louise Mahler


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