111: Lost the previous business she runs for 12 yrs due to health problems and embezzlement, started another business-staycations in October 2017 at the age of 41 with her husband, finding the best accommodation, at the best price. (Vicky Stothard)

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In this episode, I interview Vicky Stothard of Bethnal & Bec luxury staycations in the UK. Luxury Staycations help their clients save time and money over a vacation by providing the best accommodation, at the best price. What’s more exciting is they also offer Dog-Friendly staycations.

Vicky was a victim of embezzlement. In her previous business, she appointed a general manager whom she trusted to manage the business on her behalf because at that time she was diagnosed with cancer, so she needed a rest and she must focus on her treatment. Unfortunately, she lost the business by trusting somebody. However, together with her husband, they started a staycations business and they were very lucky to make it grow.

For Vicky, the number one habit a small business owner needs to develop and maintain is being organized. Social media, as well as downloaded apps, really help Vicky to quickly organized tasks and also a great marketing strategy.  

 This Cast Covers:

  • Started planning the business of wanting to try and bridge the gap between hotel and self-catering.
  • How luxury combined with self-catering makes a difference.
  • A creative and organized woman who let go of all her feminity just to be a successful woman in the country.
  • The importance of real skill to do the job such as talking to people about a lot of stuff.
  • Lost the previous business she runs for 12 years due to health problems, and because of a thief general manager whom she trusted to run the business on her behalf.
  • Running at a 95% capacity by working really hard in marketing strategy.
  • Enhancing marketing by introducing a Dog-Friendly environment, providing them with a luxury home.
  • Exploring marketing strategies while the business is ongoing during the pandemic.
  • Providing free accommodation and food for 3 months to those fleeing domestic abuse.
  • How social media become the source of most of their bookings.

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“You have to be talented and you also have to be willing to talk to people all day, every day about a lot of stuff.” – Vicky Stothard

“Success to me is feeling about content, being proud of our business, brand and of what we do.” – Vicky Stothard

“We have to deliver a product we promise. It’s essential.” – Vicky Stothard

“I’m a great believer in communication and leading by example.” – Vicky Stothard

“Just because you’re a business owner, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re great at what you do.” – Vicky Stothard


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