In 2016, co-founded a distillery in Byron Bay, specializing in premium spirits, inspired by the region of the Northern Rivers. From only family members in the team into 29 FTE & 98% of their revenue is obtained domestically. (Eddie Brook)

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In this episode, I interview Eddie Brook, the CEO of Cape Byron Distillery. This family-owned business is specializing in premium spirits inspired by the region of the Northern Rivers. The distillery and distillation are situated in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia. Eddie Brook is passionate about nurturing the tradition and art of distillation he learned from his family. 

Eddie’s family has been regenerating rainforest planting and where the inspiration for their first product comes from, a balanced combination of the finest traditional and local botanicals. This unique distillation introduced an interesting story of a good distillery in town and most of their products are distributed domestically where 98% of their revenue is obtained. Cape Byron Distillery has grown members into 29 FTE. 

“Establishing and defining the values and purpose, and having that clear are some things recommended to build a sustainable and superb culture,” says Eddie. Their success is primarily because they value the tradition of their business by preserving it.

This Cast Covers:

  • A passion for creating and working on new products and projects.
  • Products are primarily distributed around Australia where 98% of their revenue is obtained.
  • Considering opening up a few export markets to expand the growth of the business.
  • How the team continues to look at ways to innovate and create new and interesting products.
  • Creating spirits that capture to experience their unique terroir.
  • Preserving the traditions and art of distillation of their family-owned business.
  • Started the business with only family members in the team and then fluctuates into 29 FTE.
  • How sustainability made their business strategy and has always been the core of the business.
  •  How sustainability goes through all levels of the business and helps frame their decision-making.

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“It is always good to set a goal and a direction in place.” – Eddie Brook

“Success for me is growing a sustainable business.” – Eddie Brook

“Become a storyteller and don’t undervalue the power of it.” – Eddie Brook

“For the greatest value, I’d say. Building a team.” – Eddie Brook

“I think a sense of accomplishment is what I love the most in growing a small business.” – Eddie Brook

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