Career shifts to the beauty industry & the best-selling author; started a hair business in 2014, aged 36, provides entrepreneurs with what they need to start their own hair business. Reached over $10 million in revenue with 30 FTE. (Mikey Moran)

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In this episode, I interview Mikey Moran, the CEO of  Private Label Extensions in Atlanta, Georgia, a hair business that helps entrepreneurs start their own by providing them with wholesale hair extensions, branding, and websites. Mikey Moran is the best-selling author of the book Fearless Beauty: The Hair Business Blueprint. 

Started the hair and beauty business in 2014 and has been running it for seven years. Mikey has expanded his original idea into 10 different brands, 5 retail locations, and a partnership with Shopify. He has grown the business by reaching over $10 million in revenue and his consistency in optimizing marketing strategy yields the biggest impact.

The number one thing Mikey has recommended for marketing and fast-growing business is making use of the right platform and technology to conform to the fast-changing world where a lot of people rely on websites or social media. He believed that social media is now the most powerful tool in marketing.

 This Cast Covers:

  • Helping entrepreneurs to make their hair business successful by providing wholesale hair extensions, branding, and websites.
  • A business with the largest hair dropshipping system through available applications.
  • With a platform that basically works with any type of website and technology.
  • A business that invested a lot in technology has increased the quality of service over the years.
  •  In partnership with other brands that could help with wholesale supply to their clients.
  • Started out a small business while working full-time but displayed hard work in wanting to grow the business big enough.
  • Never thought he’d be in the beauty industry and now the author of one of the best-selling books called Fearless Beauty.
  • Within seven years in business, they’ve reached over $10 million in revenue.
  • How the whole shift in the mindset & business enables them to scale up to beyond the range.
  • How being on the right platform & the right technology is definitely the most powerful solution in marketing.

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“You have to have a whole shift in your mindset, a whole shift in your business to be able to scale up to beyond range.” – Mikey Moran 

“Keep investing in the business because that's how it's going to grow.” – Mikey Moran

“Even if you're going to outsource some of the marketing, it's important for you to learn marketing yourself.” – Mikey Moran 

“Growing a small business is all about creating new opportunities for others so they can succeed.” – Mikey Moran 

“You have to be consistent day in, day out for your business.” – Mikey Moran

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