115: Aged 35 in 2003, had an opportunity to start up an integrated communications agency that gives clients a competitive marketing advantage. Started with a multimillion-dollar client & grew 3 FTE to 50 FTE in 18 years. (Susan Groeneveld)

canada fte 41-50 marketing podcast sales $5m-$10m aud Jun 20, 2021

In this episode, I interview Susan Groeneveld, the Co-founder of WS | Marketing With Soul based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. WS is an integrated communications agency that gives clients a competitive marketing advantage by means of finding solutions to marketing complexities. Susan is an expert in marketing consultancy, business model development, and marketing outcome approaches. 

The agency was born in 2003 when the president of an old agency suggested starting up this business. It was an opportunity for them and that’s how the world of marketing has started. They started with only 3 FTE then grew it into 50 FTE including the full-time freelancers in 18 years in the business. 

Susan says that what she loves the most about growing a small business is the possibilities. “We're really fortunate that we get to work with really interesting categories of people doing interesting things and the possibilities to impact and influence are so exciting,” she added. 

This Cast Covers: 

  • Makes money by helping people market their products.
  • Measurable results can only be achieved by knowing the audience better than anyone else. 
  • An integrated communication agency that strives to find solutions to certain problems regarding marketing. 
  • A soul solution that innovates and optimizes the client’s products. 
  • How a very relationship-driven agency trusted by their clients for long. 
  • Able to rebound revenue months after COVID’s occurrence by making healthy changes and a great approach. 
  • From only 3 FTE to 50 FTE including freelancers in 18 years in business. 
  • Defines success as seeing people grow and reach their true potential. 
  • The importance of hiring smart people with a passion that drives them to move the business forward.  

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“Focus on the folks that have growth mindset rather than people that are happy to just solve the first problem.” – Susan Groeneveld

“It's there if you want it, if you don't want it, it's not there.” – Susan Groeneveld

“We don't need to be experts, we need to know how to find the experts.” – Susan Groeneveld

“Success is watching people grow and trying to help people reach their true potential.” – Susan Groeneveld

“Hire smart people and let them be your advocates.” – Susan Groeneveld


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