116: At the age of 20, founded an ICT Strategic Consulting company, helping organizations improve their planning & implementation by means of technology. About 30% average annual growth; 20 FTE and with a current B-Corp score of 92.8. (Dan McKinley)

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In this episode, I interview Dan McKinley, the CEO of Dog and Bone Consulting based in Victoria, Australia. The company helps organizations improve their planning and implementation. Dog and Bone’s core services include ICT strategic advisory, procurement, governance and management. 

McKinley is passionate about running a progressive business with a vision of supporting client’s organizations to better serve their mission. He founded Dog and Bone in 2002, at the age of 20 and has been running the business for 18 years. The company’s current B-Corp score is 92.8 and has 20 FTE with an average annual growth of 30%. 

“The number one habit every business owner needs to develop and maintain is the habit of listening and learning,” says McKinley. 

This Cast Covers: 

  • Helping organizations with their IT’s strategic planning.
  • Almost exclusively working for nonprofit and government agencies in Australia.
  • How technology supports the business mission and objectives. 
  • Basically, fully independent that helps organizations negotiate and specify technology solutions. 
  • Growth is driven by a commitment to independent thinking, ethical practices, and creating demonstrable value to clients.
  • A strategic partner that is extremely responsive and diligent. 
  • Supporting thousands of families by means of technology.
  • Using procurement capability to help clients negotiate and ensure they get the best technical and commercial outcomes.
  • CIO as a service is designed to make sure that not only is it implemented, but is managed, ongoing, and gets the long-term outcomes.

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“There's no point in making lots of money and you start being miserable. That's a pretty boring way to live your life.” – Dan McKinley

“The team is like a little family, everyone really gets along, we look after each other, that's part of what success looks like to me.” – Dan McKinley

“You have to find someone who actually knows how to do it because marketing is an entire science on its own.” – Dan McKinley

“You have to be in the habit of listening and learning.” – Dan McKinley

“Getting a different management team and better systems and processes enabled me to be more focused on certain areas.” – Dan McKinley


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