119: An actress, with her corporate experience, founded a network marketing business in 2015 with about 30% growth in its 2nd year & 4 FTE. Pivoted to coaching in 2018, helping entrepreneurs build a brand & business using social media. (Nicole Laino)

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In this episode, I interview Nicole Laino, the Startup Founder, and Business Coach at Nicole  Coaching in Austin, Texas, USA. She also founded a network marketing business named Hilo CRM, helping network marketers grow their teams and their businesses by means of technology.

Nicole was originally an actress but after taking a short break in acting, she got a corporate job and worked for a number of years. With Nicole’s corporate world experience, she founded her own business, Hilo CRM in 2015 which saw about 30% growth in its second year with 4 FTE. In 2018, she pivoted to business coaching that helps entrepreneurs build a brand & business using social media.

Nicole defines success as living her purpose in life. And what she loves the most in growing a small business is its endless possibilities and seeing everybody in her team shine and letting them own their role. She thinks that it’s the fun part of growing a small business.

This Cast Covers: 

  • A startup founder and business coach who guides entrepreneurs to develop and build a business brand using social media.
  • How her love and dedication to personal development helped entrepreneurs build a life and business they love.
  • From an actress to coaching and now works by sharing experiences and expertise.
  • Also helps network marketers use technology to grow their teams and their business.
  • How leadership and passion for helping others achieve success in their business and lives.
  • With her corporate world experience, she started her own business with a great impact.
  • How the use of psychology helps her clients overcome their limiting beliefs.
  • Define success as living her purpose in life.
  • The importance of teamwork, doing marketing with the team, making strategies, and deciding how to implement them.

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“When everything is just working, and it doesn't feel like work.” – Nicole Laino

“Be ahead of the curve, look for trends and get in on them early.” – Nicole Laino 

“Don't try to do marketing on your own, hire a good team, have a strategy for it, and implement.” – Nicole Laino 

“The growth that you seek lies within you.” – Nicole Laino 

“Putting processes in place and documenting other things, that’s a great exercise in organizing your mind and organizing your business.” – Nicole Laino 


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