12+ years working experience in the Food and Beverages Industry, now established his own restaurant that provides good food and booze. Growing with over $2.3 million mark in revenue and 11 FTEs. (Dan Lancaster)

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In this episode, I interview Dan Lancaster, owner of Dana Eating House based in Hobart, Australia. Dan together with his brother as co-owner has set up their own business to offer good food, booze and company.

With over 12 years of experience working in different job positions in the same business industry, Dan decided to establish his own restaurant which he’s been manifesting for a long time ago. Dana Eating House was established in 2020 and has been running for 2 years and counting. Growing his business with over $2.3 million mark in revenue and 11 FTEs.

Dan has mentioned that communication and honesty are the habits that small businesses need to maintain. To further explain this, he added, “If you can't be honest with yourself and your team around you, and have difficult conversations and communicate effectively. To be honest, I think you'd have been in a bit of trouble making hard decisions.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Dana itself is Sanskrit which means the act of cultivating generosity.
  • Started his business during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.
  • A kind of high-capacity restaurant that provides food, booze, and company. 
  • Dana Eating House was his first owned business. 
  • Was able to fund their business through borrowing from his family members and a loan from the government. 
  • Dropped down the full-time equivalents to give an opportunity for staff to shine.
  • Earned $2.3 million in revenue over their first year in business. 
  • Left school when he was 17 years old and jumped into hospitality. 
  • Manifesting restaurant ever since he was 18 years old. 
  • A good bookkeeper is vital to see the business grow.


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“Surround yourself with people that are like-minded.” —Dan Lancaster

“Don’t hire friends or people that are too close because it could create certain difficult areas in managing things.” —Dan Lancaster

“It's going to be hard but you're going to have probably the best time of your life.” —Dan Lancaster

“You got to spend money to make money.” —Dan Lancaster

“There are a lot of amazing things you can do in this industry.” —Dan Lancaster



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