Former accountant, now an award-winning family business strategist. With over a decade of family business expertise in Nigeria, she helps owners lead their family businesses to long-term impact & legacy by bridging generational gaps. (Nike Anani)

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In this episode, I interview Nike Anani, founder and CEO of Nike Anani Practice, Ltd., a strategic consulting company in Austin, Texas. Nike helps clients bridge generational gaps, to enable family businesses to successfully transition to the next generation and leave a lasting legacy.

With over a decade of extensive experience in the family business, Nike enables to manifest her expertise in taking the dysfunction out of family businesses. Now, she’s working privately with select business families that are future-focused and are committed to achieving impact and transforming the world.

Nike says that what she loves the most about growing a small business is building nurturing human connections. Initially, she was scared of talking to other people but as she continued running the company, she was able to build meaningful relationships by knowing the differences of their clients and embodying their culture.

This Cast Covers:

  • A strategic consulting company that works with family business owners.
  • Helps clients bridge the gap between the senior and younger generations.
  • Over a decade of extensive experience as a founder enables her to uniquely empathize with both generations and act as a connector.
  • They help their clients to communicate, collaborate and collectively gain clarity, to increase profit and productivity in their family businesses.
  • An entrepreneur and a consultant who was rated as a top-100 family business consultant globally.
  • Working privately with select business families that are future-focused and are committed to achieving impact.
  • Its mission is to create a lasting legacy by connecting two distant generations.
  • The importance of communication is to bring clients to trust the business’ service and build a meaningful relationship.
  •  Providing their clients with specific and actionable guidance to generate results.
  •  Emphasizing the importance of continuous learning.

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Enforce personal boundaries because at the end of the day, if you fall apart, the business also loses.” – Nike Anani

“Sales is not all about sending out newsletters and being on social media, you also need to push conversations with people.” – Nike Anani

“Ensure that you  have a system for getting sales.” – Nike Anani

“It's important to define the culture and embody that culture. So then people can come consistently with that culture.” – Nike Anani

“We have to believe that we're on a journey of endless mastery in life. So we have to keep evolving towards mastery.” – Nike Anani

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