13 years of managing a digital marketing agency from intelligence work, now provides digital marketing strategies for CEOs and business owners, growing with over 15 FTEs & annual revenue of around 9 million dollars. (Tyler Horsley)

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In this episode, Troy interviews Tyler Horsley the Founder and CEO of Nuclear Networking based in Denver, Colorado, United States. Tyler has set up his own business to help customers, especially CEOs, business owners, and the like in creating digital marketing strategies that ensure growth and bottom-line revenue.

Tyler started to manage a digital marketing agency that provides digital marketing strategies, particularly for CEOs, business owners, and the like, after transitioning from intelligence work to marketing ventures. Nuclear Networking started in 2010 and has been in operation for over 13 years. It was growing with over 15 FTEs and annual revenue of around 9 million dollars.

Tyler has stated that starting a digital marketing agency necessitates preparing for the challenges and opportunities that come with it. This is especially true if you had transitioned from a completely different industry. “I would say it is the polar opposite as the two industries sound”, he says, but with the right attitude and skill sets you will have high leverage in the transition. “Adaptability is the key to success right in any business in the hardware world”, he added.

This Cast Covers:

  • Managing a nuclear networking agency focusing on helping companies in four ways.
  • Taking adaptive strategies in the marketing world to ensure success.
  • Starting in 2010 pivoting a lot and grow over 100 percent year over year growing it to over $6 million in valuation.
  • Establishing a partnership with the state/private equity groups that ensure growth.
  • Growing and retention of the business growth agency model in strategic ways.
  • The establishment of “methodology” a small business owner needs to develop and maintain.
  • Recommendation on how to add people to the team and how to build a sustainable and kickass culture that helps with the growth.
  • Talks about how certain skill sets can be the breakthrough in the odds of business venturing.
  • Shares about investing in tools for personal and professional development and balance.
  • Discuss the factors that need to be considered before exiting or selling, and how research can help especially government programs before diving into the win-win decision.


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“Adaptability is the key to success right in any business.” —Tyler Horsley 

“Learn to befriend your competitors for it's better to share and know each other because, in the future, it might be beneficial with each other.” —Tyler Horsley

“Try to work towards this falling in love with the journey of building and growing, not falling in love with the illusion of a finish line.” —Tyler Horsley

“Invest in people first, and then look for business models because trust and work ethic cannot be bought.” —Tyler Horsley

“Understanding who you are can help you move to what quality objective-driven offer can you offer to the market.” —Tyler Horsley