130: Founded a small business in 2015 specializing in fermented products. Started in the shared kitchen, upgraded their space up to 1000 meters. Become the first and biggest Miso supplier in Australia with revenue growth of 40% p.a. and 5 FTEs. (Chris de Bono)

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In this episode, I interview Chris de Bono, the Founding Director, and Miso Master at Meru Foods, a food manufacturer based in Launceston Tasmania, specializing in fermented products. They supply premium ingredients to the food manufacturing sector. Meru Foods is the company behind Meru Miso and Umami Pantry.

Chris and his wife founded Meru Foods in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. They started out in a shared kitchen and each year they upgraded their space as their small business consistently grew. Now they are based in Tasmania and are committed to crafting the highest quality Australian-made Japanese condiments.

Meru Foods has been producing the highest quality miso and has become the first and biggest Miso supplier in Australia with revenue growth of 40% p.a. and 5 FTEs. Chris says that a fast-growing business is all about consistency. A small business will definitely grow if the best plans are implemented consistently.

 This Cast Covers:

  • A food manufacturing company focusing on making great and tasty food.
  • Produce the highest quality miso with genuine flavor.
  • Produced an award-winning range of fermented, artisan, and plant-based Asian-inspired condiments.
  • Australia's premier producer of traditional miso using 100% of organic ingredients.
  • Products are individually handcrafted in small batches with limited use of industrial machinery to ensure minimal impact on the environment.
  • The company has been able to produce two brands running side by side.
  • Australia’s leading Miso maker with the capability, experience, and capacity to deliver as an ingredient supplier and contract manufacturing partner.
  •  Has the pleasure of supplying their range to some of the best restaurants and retailers in Australia.
  • To craft the highest quality Australian-made Japanese condiments, respecting traditional techniques is their company’s philosophy.

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Success for me is being able to continue that quality, continue to grow, and expand.” – Chris de Bono

“It's just consistency and sticking with the platforms.” – Chris de Bono 

“Self-learning to drive that understanding.” – Chris de Bono

“Sometimes in small business, you need to take a little step back, and just let things unfold.” – Chris de Bono

“Don't try and be what you think other people want you to be.” – Chris de Bono


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