Started by doing workshops and later founded a wealth management business, from no clients to one of the most successful financial advisory practices. Grow team to 13 FTEs, with revenue growth exceeding 20% for over 20 years. (Rocco Carriero)

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In this episode, I interview Rocco Carriero, a private wealth advisor and founder of Rocco A. Carriero Wealth Partners, a private wealth advisory practice based in Southampton, New York. This wealth management is dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial goals through truly personalized experience and from planning to developing strategies.

Rocco has nearly two decades of experience working with successful business owners implementing the Three Cords Approach to life planning. He made a book of that approach to help business owners have a balance between their business and their lives. He believes that there is higher success in addressing both personal and professional aspirations.

From no clients to creating more successful clients, grow the team with 13 FTEs, and with revenue growth exceeding 20% for over two decades in the industry. Rocco says he has been through a lot growing his business but he never quits which led him to what he is today.

This Cast Covers:

  • Provides personalized financial advice to help clients achieve their financial goals.
  • Expert in wealth management and advanced planning space.
  • Written a book on financial advice and comprehensive planning and has been implementing the principles to business owners.
  • The Three Cords Approach book emphasizes how to balance the business and at the same time the lives of every business owner.
  • A best-selling book expertly matching financial resources to business owners’ personal, family, and business goals.
  • Passionate about creating financial plans that help clients achieve their individual, professional, and familial aspirations.
  • Emphasizes the importance of mental fitness for business owners.
  • How business owners take good care of themselves achieves a higher success rate and balance.
  • How referrals and recommendations led them to become one of the most successful financial advisory practices.

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“Real leadership is about transferring your skill, it’s about leading, and helping people get what they want for themselves.” —Rocco Carriero

“If business owners can’t develop a team, they are going to have a tough time growing.” —Rocco Carriero

“Our team is a purpose-driven team, not a paycheck-driven team.” —Rocco Carriero

“If business owners are not doing coaching, personal development reading, they are missing out.” —Rocco Carriero

“No matter how bad it gets, never quit.” —Rocco Carriero

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