133: Started her own marketing consultancy in 2017 after getting fired from a marketing agency as a Director of Digital Content. From no clients and no profits to a six-figure business with 5 team members. (Shauna Armitage)

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In this episode, I interview Shauna Armitage, the Chief Marketing Strategist at Shauna Armitage-Moxie, LLC, a marketing and advertising company based in Denver, Colorado, USA, guiding early-stage startups in building a marketing strategy that gets results. They teach founders how to own their brand, reach their audience and scale their startups through a holistic growth strategy. 

Shauna was a freelance writer and director of digital content for a digital marketing agency. Unfortunately, she was fired for acting as an advocate for clients and staff. After several months of no work, she decided to start her own marketing and advertising company that is more ethical and aligned with her mission. Shauna decided to create custom marketing plans that are catered to a company’s unique vision and goals.

Starting the business was tough for Shauna, in her first year, she had a few clients but couldn’t make a profit. However, it motivated her to do better and ended up growing her team members due to the increase of clients, so her company is now a six-figure business and definitely will grow much more.

This Cast Covers:

  • Guides small business owners and entrepreneurs in building a marketing strategy that gets results.
  • Bridges the gap between freelancers and agencies by coming in and looking at marketing from a very high-level perspective.
  • Emphasizes building strategy rather than picking one strategy at a time which doesn’t get the company closer to its growth goals.
  • How fractional marketing is a big step in propelling the business involving people who work across marketing channels and events.
  • The role of a fractional marketing director is designed for early-stage startups that were not yet big enough for a full-time hire but wanted a dedicated team member to bring all the pieces together and drive brand growth.
  • The importance of work-life balance and how it makes people more successful.
  • How personal development is a great growth experience.
  • The importance of consistency in all aspects of the business to establish awareness and build trust.
  • Making the largest impact possible with big ideas and small budgets.

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“Success is being able to actually have a work-life balance.” —Shauna Armitage

“You should be investing in advertising to help yourself go farther, and go faster.” —Shauna Armitage

“You need to focus on the activities that are going to move the needle now.” —Shauna Armitage

“A great growth experience is able to grow the team and develop as a person.” —Shauna Armitage

“Showing up consistently in all aspects of your business is really the key.” —Shauna Armitage


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