148: Works as a strategic planner, specializes in providing proactive, focused, and strategic advice to help & support Australian business owners. Clients he has been working with have achieved an increase of 37% in net profit. (Michael Denehey)

australia consulting fte 11-20 podcast sales $3m-$5m aud tasmania Oct 13, 2021

In this episode, I interview Michael Denehey, an adviser at Collins SBA based in Hobart, Australia. Collins SBA is a financial advice and accounting service for Australian businesses. They work with small and medium business owners and assist them in growing and scaling their business. Michael is an adviser who specializes in providing proactive, focused, and strategic advice to manage strategic business succession and exit planning for Australian business owners.

After working with a number of large accounting firms for over 25 years, Michael has been able to use that experience to help more people on their growth journey. Clients he has been working with have achieved an increase of 37% in net profit. Michael also assists business owners by connecting them to other businesses or individuals who can help them with specific needs or projects.

Michael says that what he loves the most in growing a small business is meeting new people and helping them through their journey. That becomes his objective each day, helping his clients achieve their business and personal goals.

This Cast Covers: 


  • Supporting business owners through guiding them to achieve their business and personal goals.
  • Building remarkable futures for their clients, staff, and stakeholders.
  • Achieving their clients’ dreams by investing in products and services that are designed to help business clients and individuals grow their wealth.
  • Helping with business strategy and planning as well as cash flow management.
  • How confidence in what you provide to customers greatly affects the sales process.
  • Learning that selling products or increasing business sales doesn’t come naturally but determination and understanding the value of what you provide is what helps the process.
  • The importance of doing some pieces of training to learn different approaches that could help level up sales.
  • Part of the coaching role is to keep business owners accountable for working on the business.
  • The importance of being specific on what you want to achieve, the length of time needed, and building specific strategies to get there.
  • The need of having systems and processes in place, and making sure you have the appropriate data to actually measure how you're tracking. 



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“Be clear on your target.” —Michael Denehey

“It’s important for any of the people in the business to be aligned and on the same page as far as where the business is going.” —Michael Denehey

“Confidence in what you provide your customers and focusing on the value helps in the sales process.” —Michael Denehey

“Part of growing a business is being able to delegate and make sure you have the right people in the right roles and are accountable.” —Michael Denehey

“Be very clear on what you want to achieve over a period of time and build a strategy to get there.” —Michael Denehey


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