17+ years of helping businesses create a seven-figure automated income stream by teaching small-medium business owners 8 critical business success factors based on a $50,000 evidence-based research. (Daryl Urbanski)

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In this GABS Podcast episode, Troy interviews Daryl Urbanski, owner of Best Business Coach. Daryl’s based right now in Manila, Philippines. Daryl is a marketing consultant. For 17 years, he has been helping businesses/websites get customers and keep them. Before doing consulting work, he was setting up automated online funnels, which was his claim to fame. 

As a big supporter of small and medium-sized businesses and free-market capitalism, Daryl spent $50,000 hiring the best researchers in the world, reading academic journals, and talking to almost 400 experts. This led him to find the eight most important factors for growing small and medium-sized businesses.

According to Daryl, the number one thing he’d recommend in marketing a fast-growing business is to develop strong market intelligence, knowing the stereotypes and the intricate details; then using that advanced market intelligence to form a strategic plan to be the best of all the options.

This Cast Covers:  

  • Creating seven-figure automated income streams from scratch.

  • Being a proponent of small businesses and free-market capitalism.

  • The eight critical success factors.

  • Adverse consequences of monopolies.

  • Wanting to do something that will have a lasting impact.

  • The definition of self-efficacy.

  • Tips and techniques to avoid burning out.

  • Defining the word, success.

  • Developing vital market intelligence.

  • Using Karl Popper’s scientific method to eliminate errors in marketing your business.


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“Making sales alone doesn't guarantee business success.” — Daryl Urbanski.

“Monopolies are bad because then there's no incentive to improve.” — Daryl Urbanski.

“You have to have an openness to experience agreeableness, conscientiousness, acceptance of criticism and feedback.” — Daryl Urbanski. 

“The reality is you want to be at a busy food court to just be the best of all the options.” — Daryl Urbanski.

“When it comes to marketing strategy you want to have high quality … you have to try to improve the quality of what you're selling.” — Daryl Urbanski.



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