2+ years of experience working in a corporate job, now providing an exceptional full-service babysitting and nannying experience, growing with over a quarter million dollars in the first two years with over 200 FTEs. (Jen Potter)

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In this episode, I interview Jen Potter the Founder, and CEO of Mamas & Babysitters, based in New Bedford, United States. Jen has set up her own business to provide an exceptional full-service babysitting and nannying experience.

From working full-time at a corporate job as an analyst, Jen has decided to run her own business for her to get additional needed services for her other business during her pregnancy. Mamas & Babysitters was established in 2020 and has been running for over 2 years. Growing with over a quarter million dollars in the first two years and 200 FTEs.

Jen has said that growing a small business requires repetition, if it doesn't work, stop and do something else. So she says, “We go through multiple interviews, and multiple steps of how we're going to do something. And that's how we're going to hire a person, that process has stayed true for all of the companies I have continued to work with and grow. So find something that works and keep doing it over and over and over.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Own several businesses.
  • Running a professional babysitting and nanny agency.
  • Launching business during pregnancy.
  • Currently managing 4 businesses.
  • Having a goal of 47 businesses by 2047.
  • Earned a quarter million dollars in the first two years for the babysitting company.
  • Successfully running businesses despite having heart disease.
  • Importance of learning balance personalities.
  • Focusing on being proactive rather than being reactive in business.
  • Satisfaction in helping other people get opportunities.


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“Success is continuing to help other people find their success.” —Jen Potter

“When you’re marketing your business, you are marketing your people to buy you.” —Jen Potter

“Become proactive instead of being reactive in business.” —Jen Potter

“Learn to schedule and time block.” —Jen Potter

“If you’re doing a process, make sure you’re doing the best of that process.” —Jen Potter 

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