20+ years of experience in programming and operating software development firms, now assisting people to learn about general internet privacy & security. Growing his business with over 50 million users and 50 FTEs. (Yegor Sak)

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In this episode, Troy interviews Yegor Sak the Co-Founder and CEO of Windscribe based in Toronto, Canada. Yegor Sak has set up his own business to assist people in learning about general internet privacy or security.

With over 20 years of experience in learning programming and operating software development firms, Yegor Sak figured out what he wanted and decided to build his own business together with his two business partners. Windscribe was established in 2016 and has been running for over 7 years with over 50 million users and 50 FTEs.

Yegor has said that growing a small business requires trying to do something that you can do for yourself. So he says, “Learn every single aspect of the business that you're operating in, whether it's technical, whether it supports, whether it's if you're doing marketing, marketing, do all of these things yourself.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Helping people who have very little knowledge about general internet privacy or security.
  • Creating tools to be as easy as possible to use for everyone.
  • Operating a freemium model with a vast majority of 50 million plus users.
  • Formerly operating a software development firm until creating his own business.
  • Connecting with customers through becoming a very active presence on social media.
  • Focusing on protecting other people’s privacy rather than being showy to the audience and target markets.
  • Using word of mouth as their sole method of growth.
  • Providing practical tips on how to handle issues with your customers.
  • Working on turning the power user platform into a business-oriented platform.
  • Learning how failures can help you see the things that need improvements. 


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“In failure, you do learn what works, and what doesn't hone your development skills.” —Yegor Sak

“If your sole objective for running a business is to be rich, you will most likely fail.” —Yegor Sak

“Talking directly to people that have issues with your product is extremely beneficial.” —Yegor Sak

“To be successful, you have to appreciate what you do.” —Yegor Sak

“You have to force yourself to have that balance” —Yegor Sak



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