203: From an employee, now giving patients medical and health quality services through a health consumer company. Became the largest selection of guaranteed FSA and HSA eligible products with 60 million consumers with 100 FTEs. (Jeremy Miller)

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In this episode, I interview Jeremy Miller, Chairman and Founder of Healthy Commerce based in New York, United States. Jeremy has set up his own health consumer company to help people connect with their loved ones in the hospital or nursing home.

From working as an employee, Jeremy has decided to leave his former job to pursue bigger opportunities. Healthy Commerce was established in 2010 and has been running for over 12 years. Serving 60 million consumers with over 100 FTEs.

Jeremy has said that growing a business requires building a good relationship with the people you work with within the industry to gain and maintain a good connection with your consumers. So he says, “Be the person that you need to be, meet people and build relationships.”

This Cast Covers:

  • 12 years in the industry of helping to grow a business.
  • Allowing consumers to use pre-tax benefits such as FSA and HSA.
  • Helping consumers to purchase 1000s and 1000s of eligible health care products and services Medicare.
  • A core site that helps people by educating them on using tools that will help them spend money on qualified expenses.
  • A growing company with over 100 core team members.
  • Teaching entrepreneurs how to grow a business by building connections with other companies and employees.
  • Helping entrepreneurs on how to bring their people.
  • Enhancing patient care and improving a patient’s experience.
  • Teaching entrepreneurs how to use the right tools in growing a business.

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“Success is individual and personal, like an art, an attainment type of thing." —Jeremy Miller

“You never know what’s coming until it actually comes.” —Jeremy Miller

“Be the person that you need to be, meet people and build relationships.” —Jeremy Miller

“Learn to understand what’s happening to avoid falling apart.” —Jeremy Miller

“You need to know the place you want to be so that you can jump in the right direction.” —Jeremy Miller