With over 33 years of experience as a business owner, now the Founder of a consulting company. Became the most Trusted Mentor on the Inner Game of Success helping business owners evolve to the best version of themselves. (Torrin Minutillo)

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In this episode, I interview Torrin Minutillo, the Founder, and CEO of Attergy Coaching Service based in Perth, Western Australia. Torrin has set up his own business to help entrepreneurs and business leaders through personal leadership.

With over 33 years of experience as a business leader, Torrin has decided to pursue bigger opportunities. Attergy was established in 2018 and has been running for 4 years.

Torrin has said that growing a small business requires self-awareness. So he says, “Self-awareness is the number one skill in business. When you need to understand yourself internally your external results exponentially grow quicker.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Building a business coaching business, particularly focused on business owners.
  • Expert in human behavior.
  • Help business leaders through personal leadership.
  • Helping entrepreneurs focus their time and energy as the business grows.
  • Understanding how to lead yourself before you can start thinking about leading a team.
  • Coaching one on one and doing some other different programs.
  • Learning how to help your clients grow.
  • Evolving a world-class ecosystem to support business leaders thriving past their own experiences.
  • Learning how to develop a very narrow focus.
  • Became the most Trusted Mentor in the Inner Game of Success.

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“You need to understand yourself at a deeper level.” —Torrin Minutillo

“Success is when you align yourself with your soul.” —Torrin Minutillo

“Be very clear and specific about who it is you’re serving.” —Torrin Minutillo

“When you achieve stability, you’ll be able to be more resilient to outside factors.” —Torrin Minutillo

“Focus on the three things that you can control.” —Torrin Minutillo



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