From creating a Whisky Academy, now the Founder, and Co-Director of the Australian’s first & only online distilling business course. Helping entrepreneurs plan, start and grow a distillery with over $200k in revenue and 5 FTEs. (Anne Gigney)

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In this episode, I interview, Anne Gigney the Founder and Co-Director of The Distillers Institute based in Hobart, Australia. Anne has set up her own business to help entrepreneurs plan, start and grow a distillery.

From creating a Whisky Academy, Anne has decided to create an online business course to pursue bigger opportunities. The Distillers Institute was established in 2019 and has been running for over 3 years. Became Australian’s first and only online distilling business course, with over $200k in revenue and 5 FTEs.

Anne has said that growing a small business requires developing discipline around thinking, time commitment, and processes. So she says, “People in this industry need to find time for themselves as well.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Australia's only online distilling business course.
  • Launching a more advanced course for people that want to grow and export.
  • Having some 4 special activities operating all-together.
  • Helping entrepreneurs grow a fast-growing business through advanced thinking and getting good help.
  • Working with Troy Trewin for several years.
  • Learning how to run a business without spending too much money.
  • Help bring people to the business.
  • Adding value to the content, quality, and user journey of your work for a better result.
  • Helping entrepreneurs learn how to put dreams into action.
  • Created by industry experts with over 40 years of combined experience.

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“Success means how the business makes you feel.” —Anne Gigney

“Focusing on the quality of your product can help you make things work out.” —Anne Gigney

“Never stop wanting to make things better.” —Anne Gigney

“Find time for yourself.” —Anne Gigney

“Make sure you get good people around you that compliment you, and who have different skills.” —Anne Gigney



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