235: QFF 9 steps that can help every business owner prepare for surviving tough times and continually face the challenges ahead, particularly with the Covid-19 pandemic. (Rob Cameron and Michael Denehey)

podcast Aug 04, 2022

In this episode, Rob had an interview with Michael Denehey about surviving tough times in growing a small business. Some real challenges, supply chains, and certain skills shortage that business owners need to prepare for in the future. 

This Cast Covers:

  • Learning how to survive tough times.
  • Talking about the challenges ahead continually with business owners.
  • 9 steps that can help every business.
  • Learn the importance of creating a game plan and a business plan.
  • Helping entrepreneurs how to become good communicators.
  • Learning how to become more strategic.
  • Measuring key numbers in business.
  • Make sure businesses have a dashboard of metrics around.
  • Learning how to review your financial facilities.




“Businesses can take steps to survive.” —Michael Denehey

“Make sure you’ve got a game plan and a business plan.” —Michael Denehey

“Riches are in the niches.” —Michael Denehey

“Always communicate with your team.” —Michael Denehey

“Just be more strategic.” —Michael Denehey



Music from https://filmmusic.io “Cold Funk” by Kevin MacLeod https://incompetech.com. License: CC by http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0