From being a website creator, now the Co-Founder and CEO of a 16-year-old technology company specializing in online advertising. Helping entrepreneurs create Award Winning Mobile Apps with estimated $3 million revenue and 30 FTEs. (AJ Aluthwala)

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In this episode, I interview AJ Aluthwala the Co-Founder and CEO of KallistoArt Online Marketing based in Tampa Bay, Florida, United States. AJ has set up his own online advertising company to help entrepreneurs and companies create Award Winning Mobile Apps.

From creating a website back in college, AJ has decided to pursue growing his small business to receive bigger opportunities. KallistroArt was established in 2006 and has been running for 16 years. Growing with creative and collaborative professionals with estimated $3 million revenue for this year 2022 and 30 FTEs.

AJ has said that growing a small business requires persistence and learning through reading books. So he says, “The real learning started when I started listening to books and start started reading books.” 

This Cast Covers:

  • A digital experience creator, an online marketing business.
  • Started as just a website development company back in 2006.
  • Growing 30% year by year and hitting a million dollars in revenue.
  • Helping ‚Äč‚ÄčEntrepreneurs and Companies create Award-Winning Mobile Apps.
  • Websites, web apps, and mobile apps were the main product.
  • Learning how to improve your marketing through working on Google My Business Profile.
  • In the process of launching another business similar to KallistoArt called apti code.
  • Learning how to become persistent to keep the longevity of a small business.
  • Sharing the importance of having good communication in the reputation of your business.
  • Learning how to cultivate relationships for business revenue growth.

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“The ability to know that something is going wrong is more important than knowing how to fix it.” —AJ Aluthwala

“Success means ultimate freedom.” —AJ Aluthwala

“It’s a matter of someone getting to know you, to like you, and to trust you.” —AJ Aluthwala

“If you are not persistent, and if you give up easily, you’re not going to survive as a business owner.” —AJ Aluthwala

“Make decisions based on numbers, and not on emotion.” —AJ Aluthwala

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