245: With an over-loop-de-loop type of career journey, now doing the things that are close to her soul by managing a boutique marketing strategy and copywriting agency, and became a six-figure business. (Aleya Harris)

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In this episode, I interview Aleya Harris, the Founder, and CEO of Flourish Marketing based in LA, Los Angeles, United States of America. Aleya has set up her own business to help entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd through radically authentic messaging strategy and copywriting.

From experiencing a loop-de-loop type of career, Aleya has decided to pursue the things that tap into who she is. Flourish Marketing was established in 2018 and had been running for over 4 years.

Aleya has said that growing a small business requires focusing on a few things that you can do and being patient. So she says, “Pick something that you do every single day, at the same time, every day that will move the needle for your business.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Boutique marketing strategy and copywriting agency.
  • Creating radically authentic messaging and copywriting that transform leaders into legends.
  • A storied brand-certified guide.
  • Hit six figures in five months.
  • Learning the importance of generating leads and staying authentic while stabilizing.
  • Helping entrepreneurs become resilient and consistent.
  • Helping people become their best selves and tap into who they are.
  • Learning how to market is easier by not doing everything on your own.
  • Helping empire-building clients stand out from the crowd.
  • Been experiencing a loop-de-loop type of career journey.

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“Success is having financial, emotional, and spiritual freedom.” —Aleya Harris

“Don’t do all the things.” —Aleya Harris

“The person who is most resilient and consistent is the most successful person.” —Aleya Harris

“Just keep planting and be patient.” —Aleya Harris

“There’s more growth to be had by going on the journey of doing hard things.” —Aleya Harris


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