247: QFF A specialist construction and a trades coach; Tamika shares the secrets of turning marketing leads into paying customers without wasting any time through strategic sales process and by determining the qualification of a client. (Tamika Johnston)

podcast Sep 01, 2022

In this episode, Rob Cameron interviews Tamika Johnston, a specialist construction, and trades coach, based in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. A person who is not only meticulous in a monetary sense, but in a time sense as well.

Throughout her journey in different markets, such as construction, and architectural firms, she developed approaches such as “hooking the client into the sale” by devising a strategic sales process, a qualification script, and ways of making a client commit, to be as efficient as she can be in the sales process. “First and foremost, the sales in a business are the business's oxygen.”, she said.

This Cast Covers:

  • Efficiently closing marketing leads.
  • The importance of sales in a business.
  • Price is not always a critical factor in sales.
  • Devising a strategic sales process that’s reassuring for the client.
  • Determining the qualification of the client.
  • Finding ways to make your client commit.
  • How to not waste time on “tire kickers”.
  • Assembling a team to scale your business effectively.
  • Keeping a tight grip on the sales process.

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“First and foremost, the sales in a business are the business's oxygen.” —Tamika Johnston

“Having a clear sales process, and being good at sales is what's going to save your business over the next few years.” — Tamika Johnston

“So, we don't say what's your budget… It's, what are you looking to invest in your project?” — Tamika Johnston

“If you can have this clear sales process, you can employ someone to do the role, rather than you physically having to do it yourself.” — Tamika Johnston

“One big thing is making sure that the ball is always in your court.” — Tamika Johnston


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