248: With over 10 years of experience in law firms, now helping entrepreneurs grow through legal forms and handling litigation. Became a high quality legal advice and representation with over 7 FTEs. (Dara Rosenbaum)

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In this episode, Troy had a chat with Dara Rosenbaum, the Co-Founder of Rosenbaum and Taylor based in New York, United States to talk about her journey from being a Lawyer into a business advisor and business owner. Growing their business into high-quality legal advice and representation with over 7 FTEs

From working at a law firm, Dara has decided to create her first business with her co-founder Taylor to pursue bigger opportunities. Rosenbaum and Taylor was established in 2011 and has been running for over 11 years. Became a high-quality legal advisor and representation with over 7 FTEs.

Dara has said that growing a small business requires good time management to focus on the things that are gonna move the needle. So she says, “Set boundaries around what things about an owner should be working on or shouldn't be working on.

This Cast Covers:

  • Growing over a decade of law firm business.
  • Serving entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and midsize small businesses.
  • Helping entrepreneurs form and helping them grow.
  • Manage contracts and handle litigation, lawsuits, and business disputes.
  • Learning more about marketing.
  • Building out clients in their own cases.
  • Helping entrepreneurs avoid the harmful effect of shiny object syndrome.
  • Sharing the benefits of good time management.
  • Learning how to improve knowledge and skills through asking people.
  • Learning how to cope with common mistakes and challenges in business.

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“Success is freedom.” —Dara Rosenbaum

“Understand things that need to be done.” —Dara Rosenbaum

“Learning from others is part of growth.” —Dara Rosenbaum

“Be ready to take on new challenges.” —Dara Rosenbaum

“You can’t teach smart.” —Dara Rosenbaum



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