250: QFF With 12 years of work experience in a bank, an MBA specializing in Social Impact, and the founder of Horizon Business Plans. Discusses the benefits and importance of having a professionally documented business plan. (Andrew Wilson)

podcast Sep 08, 2022

In this episode, Rob Cameron interviews Andrew Wilson, the Founder of Horizon Business Plans, based in Greater Melbourne, Australia. Andrew is a business plan writer; he helps businesses write professional business plans.

From his 12 years’ worth of work experience in a bank. Andrew confidently shares the secrets and importance of writing a documented professional business plan, the things to look for, and how to put the best foot forward to a funder. He said, “sometimes, the journey of going through the planning process is more important than the result and the end plans themselves.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Benefits of having a documented business plan.
  • The importance of setting the direction where the business is heading.
  • The clarity business planning brings to each different component.
  • Different types of business plans.
  • A business plan is like a business CV.
  • How to use a business plan template.
  • The significance of data/proof in business plans.
  • Being realistic with the numbers in a business plan.
  • Getting external help from a business plan writer.


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“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” —Andrew Wilson.

“It's almost like a business CV, to help your audience understand the fundamentals of why it’s in business, what the business does, and why it’s equipped to run this business.” — Andrew Wilson.

“It's really important to set the direction, for your business.” — Andrew Wilson.

“Business planning is one of those things that, people often feel that it's like a big mountain to climb.” — Andrew Wilson.

“If you're looking for funding and need to write a business plan, I would suggest do start with a template.” — Andrew Wilson.



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