252: From owning a successful plumbing business for over 20 years, now educating trade business owners to become more profitable and to gain back their lifestyle. Became one of Australia’s top trade business education companies with over 14 FTEs. (Andy and Angela Smith)

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In this episode, I interview Andy and Angela Smith, founders of Lifestyle Tradie based in Sydney, Australia. After experiencing the ups and downs of owning a trade business themselves, they started their own education program to help other trade business owners scale without making the same mistakes they did on their journey.

With over 21 years of experience in owning and operating their own plumbing business, Andy and Angela decided to pursue the opportunity to help other trade business owners learn from their experiences. Lifestyle Tradie was established in 2009, now running for over 13 years, becoming one of Australia’s top trade business education programs with over 14 FTEs!

Andy and Angela also talked about how growing a small business requires educating and working on yourself, not only the business, “People who don’t work on themselves don’t know what’s up and what’s down and they’re just constantly in a grind and struggling.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Andy started out as a plumber, owning a traditional plumbing business
  • Angela joined the business from a corporate background
  • Helping trade businesses all over the world learn how to set their businesses up the right way
  • Their own podcast, ‘The Tradie Show - Together in Trade Business'
  • Learning how to avoid failure in the system 
  • Helping trade entrepreneurs scale without stress
  • Understanding the importance of checking financial and non-financial data
  • Their book, ’Start Up. Scale Up. Sell Up.’
  • Teaching the importance of the freedom to choose
  • Sharing the benefits of exposing your business on the right platform
  • Giving advice on how to become successful as business partners and life partners 


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“Sometimes you need to get the advice you need to propel you to the future.” —Andy Smith

“You need to understand the critical information and keep an eye on it.” —Angela Smith

“If you got the business model, you can scale without stress.” —Andy Smith

“You’ve got to learn how to let go.” —Andy Smith

“They need to know who you are.” — Angela Smith



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