13+ years of experience in different business industries, now running a whole new purchasing company, growing from $80k to multi-million in revenue with over 42 FTEs. (Gil Bar-Lev)

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In this episode, I interview Gil Bar-Lev the Founder and CEO of HomeRoots, based in New Jersey, United States. Gil has set up his own business to help entrepreneurs make sure to sell their products to the consumer. 

From working as a software engineer, Gil has decided to run a whole new business to open a new window for improvements and a new door of opportunities in a different industry. HomeRoots was established in 2018 and has been running for over 4 years. Growing from $80,000 in 2018 to multi-million in the present revenues. 

Gil has mentioned that growing a small business takes patience and perseverance to become great. So he says, “It's patience and it's mainly the mindset that you have to continue, not let the knows that you're going to receive from whoever you're trying to reach out to break you.”

This Cast Cover:

  • B2B platform for furniture and home decor manufacturers.
  • Making sure that everybody in the US who can sell their products to the consumer will do so the way HomeRoots make money from customers.
  • From being a developer to now more of a business person.
  • Started his first-ever company with a partner in 2005, helping brands sell online.
  • Improve marketing your products by spending money on advertising.
  • Growing into 3.3 million dollars in revenue.
  • Helping entrepreneurs avoid stress by becoming independent in their organization.
  • Learning how to improve and grow your B2B and B2C through multiple solutions.
  • Expanding business by getting exposed to very interesting people and building up your networks.
  • Positive mindsets can help cope with difficulties that are hard to handle.


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“Success is when you see how your life gets into a certain balance.” —Gil Bar-Lev

“You have to think twice whether your product is a product that customers are interested in.” —Gil Bar-Lev

“Be there to serve your team members, not just to drop down commands.” —Gil Bar-Lev

“Cultivate the mindset that you got to continue, and you’ve got to find a way to move on.” —Gil Bar-Lev

“The more you face bigger challenges, the more you should keep going.” —Gil Bar-Lev

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