27+ years of experience in successfully managing businesses, now helping entrepreneurs get successful results through business coaching with estimated $2 million annual revenue and 6 FTEs. (Blaine Oelkers)

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In this episode, I interview Blaine Oelkers the President, and CRO of Selfluence based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Blaine has set up his own business to help entrepreneurs cultivate habits that bring success and good results to their businesses.

With over 27 years of experience in growing different businesses, Blaine has decided to enter coaching to pursue new opportunities and help people improve their businesses. Selfluence was established in 2008 and had been running for over 14 years. Growing to estimated $2 million annual revenue with 6 FTEs.

Blaine has said that growing a small business requires taking next-day planning and guidance from a mentor in order to make an excellent performance in managing a business. So he says, “Never let a day end without planning the next one, and I think even though chaos can slip in and your day could get all out of control.”

This Cast Covers:

  • A training and education company for business owners.
  • With most income from helping small groups, typically mastermind groups.
  • Making sure the members get results each week and every week.
  • Sharing his two moments of dawning comprehension.
  • Formerly working as a software engineer in a corporate job.
  • Working from home with his own business for several years.
  • Learning the importance of having a good business model.
  • Using the Entrepreneur Operating System as the best tool for good hiring.
  • Improving business habits like NDP (Next Day Planning).


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“Life is just way better when you’re kind of ahead of the game.” —Blaine Oelkers

“Success is someone moving towards their personal goals.” —Blaine Oelkers

“You can’t win all the time, because then you’re not learning.” —Blaine Oelkers

“Make sure that your business model is correct because if that business model is off, you’re going to struggle.” —Blaine Oelkers

“Never let a day end without planning the next one.” —Blaine Oelkers


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