10+ years of corporate experience working, now helping entrepreneurs improve leadership and generate revenue extraordinarily. Became a seven-figure consultant and grew sales to 270% with over 9 FTEs. (Olivia Jenkins)

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In this episode, I interview Olivia Jenkins the Founder, and CEO of Olivia Jenkins Consultanc, based in Adelaide, Australia. Olivia has set up her own business to provide advice and expertise required to help entrepreneurs improve leadership and generate revenue.

From working as a general manager in a global beauty brand, Olivia has decided to leave her former job to open a new door of opportunities by growing her own business. Olivia Jenkins Consulting was established in 2019 and has been running for over 3 years. Growing her business rapidly into a 7-figure consultancy and growing sales to 270% with over 9 FTEs.

Olivia has said that growing a small business requires time blocking, and becoming very intentional about where you’re spending your time. So she says, The more disciplined we can be around service-based, the better life can be.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Running a consulting firm based out of Adelaide.
  • Serving clients all over the country and working with several international clients as well.
  • Focusing on growth for eCommerce businesses in particular.
  • Work across areas like email marketing, promotional planning, etc.
  • Offering a broad mix of services and making sure that the clients don't experience growing pains.
  • Helping entrepreneurs learn the importance of implementing an amazing team.
  • Having a signature combination of strategy and implementation.
  • Experience rapid growth at her early stage in the business through offering expertise.
  • Became a 7-figure consultant and grew sales to 270% from FY 19 to FY 21.
  • Learning how to adjust and grow productively in a new environment in business.




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“Don’t just focus on the growth, but also on the sustainability and what underpins that as well.” —Olivia Jenkins

“If you’re going to start your business, you need to fully embrace that and stand on your own two feet.” —Olivia Jenkins

“You have to provide the best quality service to your client to get the best results.” —Olivia Jenkins

“If you’re not working to a plan, you won’t know what your objectives are.” —Olivia Jenkins

“If you’re not investing your mindset and how you’re showing up every day, you won’t be able to reach your full potential.” —Olivia Jenkins




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