30+ years of experience managing and delivering corporate and government ICT infrastructure solutions, now running a technology company that is growing with over 35 million in revenue and 50 FTEs. (Peter Gartlan)

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In this episode, I interview Peter Gartlan the Director and Co-Founder of Gartlans IT Advisors based in beautiful Hobart, Australia. Peter and his two partners have set up their own business to provide a kit for organizing computers, servers, and networking.

With over 10 years of experience running different businesses, Peter has decided to leave his previous jobs to build his own software company together with his two business partners. Gartlans IT Advisors was established in 2009 and has been growing with over 35 million in revenue and 50 FTEs.

Peter has said that growing a small business requires staying on the boat, and being focused all the time. So in addition, he says, “You don't have to tell a small business owner to stay on the boat. Because everyone knows, I can't just walk away, I've got to keep. But you've got to focus on every detail. You need to look after every detail.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Provided a kit for organizing computers and servers and networking stuff and everything.
  • Been started as an IT guy out of University and worked in a few auto support staff.
  • Became the biggest supplier to the government on their contract in his first business.
  • Got the fastest Compaq dealership in Australia which took three months.
  • Helping entrepreneurs make great sales through proper management of cash flow.
  • Sharing 3 keys to a successful business partnership.
  • Tips on dividing responsibilities with your business partners that will help your business grow.
  • Teaching how to treat your customers, suppliers, and employees fairly can reduce stress in growing a small business.
  • Focusing on making sure that sales ITPs and sales are important.
  •  Growing with over 35 million in revenue and 50 FTEs in just 12 years.


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“We have to make sure that our people treated our customers properly.” —Peter Gartlan

“You've got to be prepared for failure as well and you've got to know what failure looks like.” —Peter Gartlan

“Be in an industry where you feel confident that you could continue to meet your payroll each month.” —Peter Gartlan

“Look after your staff the same way you look after your customers.” —Peter Gartlan

“Don’t just provide good stuff, keep looking after people in the longer term.” —Peter Gartlan



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