After 16 years in the photo industry, pivoted to digital education; founding Profitable Courses, earning around a total of $870,000 with 4 FTEs. Whilst helping small-medium business owners and content creators generate passive income. (Molly Keyser)

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In this GASB Podcast episode, Troy interviews Molly Keyser, a photographer for 16 years, now the Founder of Profitable Courses. Molly’s based in New Mexico, United States. Before Profitable Courses she also founded Boudie Shorts, an educational resource for Boudoir Photographers to get more clients.

After working in the photo industry as a photographer for 16 years. Molly decided to pivot into the world of digital education. Started Profitable Courses in 2021; helping small-medium business owners create their own digital products, fine-tuning them, marketing them, and getting traffic, in order to generate a nice stream of cash flow. 

Molly advises that small-medium business owners, need to develop good habits and discipline. In order to focus on one thing at a time. A piece of advice that she also once received. “You need to pick one product to focus on and scale that up to a million at least first.”, her mentor said.

This Cast Covers: 

  • The identity of Molly Keyser.
  • How Troy and Molly knew each other.
  • Transitioning from being a photographer to digital course education.
  • Molly’s businesses before Profitable Courses.
  • Molly’s business, Profitable Courses.
  • Nothing is completely passive; after product creation, traffic is required.
  • The definition of Shiny Object Syndrome.
  • How Molly gets past a certain revenue mark.
  • The number one thing small-medium business owners should apply.
  • Overall growth of Profitable Courses.


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“Nothing is 100% passive, you have to traffic and create the products and do the work upfront.” — Molly Keyser.

“You need to pick one product to focus on and scale that up to a million at least first.” — Molly Keyser.

“With every failure and everything that goes wrong, you learn.” — Molly Keyser.

“Assign yourself tasks, so you can get in the habit of it. Because otherwise, you're just not going to get a lot done very quickly.” — Molly Keyser.

“You need to have that discipline.” — Molly Keyser. 

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