Aged 38, Making a lot of money from having a plush job, felt unfilled with lots of ideas in mind, decided to leave and opened a consulting business using Ketchword technology which is her brainchild (Wanda Toro Turini)

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In this episode, Troy interviews Wanda Toro Turini, from, based in Lancaster, USA. It's a texting technology that allows speakers and experts to share content with their audience.

At age 38, with a doctorate in Pharmacy, skills of a performer in musical theater and being a singer in a band, which explains the hand gestures and her being expressive. She invented the texting technology that allowed her to connect and serve those in the  audience after public speaking. She also just recently launched a podcast called Rock-It Fuel where she gets to feature experts, using Ketchword technology on the podcast.

To Wanda, success is when she feels she has empowered the team, has the system and structure in place, so that when there comes a time she has to step away or if something happens, the business can still continue to move forward.

This Cast Covers:

  • Her vision of Ketchword, and how it could potentially replace paper brochures
  • How their business got affected by the national shutdown during COVID
  • Left her previous plush job realizing she has way too many ideas and not feeling fulfilled
  • Most stressful point of choosing between starting a family or having a career 


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“I think very often when we want to do hard things in our lives, or in our businesses, we wait too long.” — Wanda Toro Turini 

“When people receive emails alone with a link to a PDF, they don't open it as much. But if they receive an email with an attachment, it gets prioritized in our minds.” — Wanda Toro Turini

“I believe our growth was a little slower, because I've been a little bit more selective with who it is that we're going to work with.” — Wanda Toro Turini

“When we're visionary, and we're inspired people, we have all these ideas, and there's all this possibility.” — Wanda Toro Turini

“If you have that spirit of continuous improvement, then you're not taking a failure as a failure, you're not taking bad numbers as a failure, you're taking it as an opportunity to learn and then move forward more quickly.” — Wanda Toro Turini



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