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podcast qff Feb 03, 2023

For this week’s QFF podcast episode, Rob interviews Darryl Stickel, Ph.D., who’s based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Darryl’s an esteemed academic, he earned his Ph.D. at Duke university where he did his thesis on “building trust in hostile environments.”, he’s also a researcher and consultant, and Darryl is the founder of Trust Unlimited

Trust, is an essential component in any relationship, whether it be between friends, or family members, especially in business. Trust really can make the difference between a high-performing business and a low-performing business. Darryl Stickel, Ph.D., founder of Trust Unlimited, helps small-medium business owners, by providing insights and strategies to help build and maintain trust in a business.

According to Darryl, to achieve trust even in times when you made mistakes, you must have benevolence; have others’ best interests at heart, have integrity; commit hard to your promises, and ability; being able to follow up on your promises. 

This Cast Covers:

  • Trust is an important aspect of a business.
  • Darryl Stickel’s, Ph.D., perspective of trust.
  • The element of uncertainty and vulnerability when trusting someone.
  • Asking ourselves the two fundamental questions when we trust someone.
  • Managing risks by lowering uncertainty and avoiding vulnerability.
  • Rebuilding trust after the event of a mistake.
  • The 10 Levers you can pull to build trust.
  • Giving an honest and transparent apology.
  • Understanding the best interests of the client.
  • Focusing on the things you have control of, rather than making rash promises.


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“Trust is, … it's one of the primary drivers of successful organizations.” — Darryl Stickel.

“Certainty and vulnerability are the two primary factors that drive the trust decision.” — Darryl Stickel.

“Have somebody's best interests at heart.” — Darryl Stickel.

“Apology combined with an acknowledgment of the harm that was caused to the other party.” — Darryl Stickel.

“We don't make promises that it'll never happen again.” — Darryl Stickel.



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