An international airline pilot, speaker, real estate investor, and business coach. Now helping small-medium business owners by showing them how to build successful independent businesses. (Steve Rozenberg)

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In this episode, Troy interviews Steve Rozenberg, who is a jack of all trades; he’s an international airline pilot, author, educator, speaker, real estate, and business coach. He’s based in Houston, Texas, USA. Realizing he didn’t like the thought of not being the one in control of his future after the tragic events of 9/11, he shifted from being an international airline pilot to growing independent businesses.

He started a real estate property management company, which became the fastest-growing property management company in Texas and now has 10,000 properties. Now he is helping small-medium business owners through his website, Steve Rozenberg, with everything from properties, investments, and business to sales and closing, marketing, scaling, and so much more.

Steve advises entrepreneurs that in order to successfully market a rapidly expanding company, they need to zero in on a narrow subset of potential customers. Spotting the person, their age, gender, especially the problems that they have that they’ll be providing the best solution to.  

This Cast Covers:

  • Steve shifted to real-estate management from being an international airline pilot.
  • Becoming the fastest-growing property management company in Texas, in seven years.
  • Helping small-medium business owners build their businesses that can run independently.
  • Leveraging offshore resources.
  • Adding and removing staff based on the plan.
  • Intensely focused on the current goal.
  • Religiously documenting the numbers of your business.
  • Showing deep affection to your staff, making them feel involved.
  • Surrounding oneself with the right kind of people.
  • Striving for the life that you want.


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“You never should build a business where you are the focal point around the business.” — Steve Rozenberg.

“Don't be afraid to start and end a chapter, don't wait for it to be going down in flames.” — Steve Rozenberg.

“You come up with 10 ideas every day nine of them suck. But one of them's the moneymaker. Focus on the one.” — Steve Rozenberg.

“Saying no has made me a lot of money.” — Steve Rozenberg.

“What gets measured gets improved.” — Steve Rozenberg.



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