Deciding not to be vulnerable after a loss; focusing on the path of digital marketing, establishing Inspire Brands Group. Optimizing your business, by all means through the internet, earning $30M in revenue with 12 FTEs. (Matt Orlic)

croatia digital marketing financial exit fte 11-20 operational exit podcast sales $3m-$5m aud Feb 22, 2023

In this episode, Troy interviews Matt Orlic, founder of the Inspire Brands Group. Matt is based in Zagreb, Croatia. Matt has had around 15 businesses in the last 23 years. He had everything from laser clinics to manufacturing easter eggs, brands in the drone industry, speakers and headphones accessories, licenses to manufacture sports apparel for Under Armour, and many more. 

One of those businesses is called the Inspire Brands Group. A business that helps eCommerce businesses scale through ad campaigns. Matt used to build brands and distribute them to retailers; however, after suffering a horrible loss, he decided to dive into the world of digital marketing. Now earning over $30 million in revenue in the past 15 months.

According to Matt Orlic, in growing a small business, you should have these two things: focus and wisdom. For small-medium business owners, focus is important, taking on one business at a time, not giving into the shiny-object syndrome; and wisdom for reliable, sound, reasonable, and good judgment.

This Cast Covers:

  • Matt Orlic’s business: The Inspire Brands Group.
  • What pushed Matt to focus on digital marketing.
  • The growth of the business over seven years.
  • Matt’s myriad of businesses.
  • Creating something unique and innovative.
  • Keeping on going in spite of difficulties.
  • The difficulty associated with filling open positions.
  • Bringing to fruition an idea or concept.
  • Always planning your next move.
  • Utilizing each and every set of skills.


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“Think about how to create something unique and innovative.” — Matt Orlic.

“Anyone that's really done something great, has had a massive loss to some degree.” — Matt Orlic.

“If someone's not in a job rather than potentially they aren't the best at what they do in that sector.” — Matt Orlic.

“Make sure you hire the right people and then the culture follows.” — Matt Orlic.

“Make sure you have the next move in place.” — Matt Orlic.



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