From being a financial advisor to going all in, in the world of real estate. Now involved in multiple real estate entities, transitioning from house flipping to the rental model. Currently having 40 units and 11 FTEs. (Joe Rockey)

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In this episode, Troy interviews Joe Rockey, he’s involved with multiple real estate entities as an owner or equity partner. Joe’s based in Pittsburgh, United States of America. He graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance from Duquesne University, because he believed every business needs to know how to get money, and financing is one of the ways of doing it.

In the middle of some form of economic recession. Joe was a financial advisor at AXA Equitable before diving into the world of real estate. He started flipping houses, earning $3 million at the end of the third year. Shortly after, Joe decided to commit to the rental model; now, handling 40 units, almost on the fly with little to no stress. 

On day one of starting out; according to Joe, it is critical for a small-medium business owner to have a strong mentality, that you’re going to stick with the vision you have in mind. “It’s going to work. Just believe in yourself at work.” 

This Cast Covers:

  • Who is Joe Rockey?
  • How Troy and Joe knew each other?
  • Field of business Joe Rockey is present in.
  • The collapse of Lehman Brothers.
  • Joe Rockey’s origin story.
  • The concept of house flipping.
  • Taking calculated risks in making expenses.
  • Communicating effectively with people involved in the business.
  • Handling a business with mental endurance.
  • Upsides of believing in yourself.


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“You make six cents a can, you make a billion cans, everyone's happy. I'd rather make one can and make a billion off of it.” —Joe Rockey

“Do not be afraid of expenses. Most people bottle themselves up and ruin their profitability because of fear of expenses.” —Joe Rockey

“Communication. You got to be able to communicate with people effectively.” —Joe Rockey

“You're going to deal with a lot of things that are going to tell you, no, I mean, there's just no way around that.” —Joe Rockey

“Just believe in yourself at work … you need to have confidence and can't be foolhardy.” —Joe Rockey



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