Grow you: can a change in small and positive habits lead to big results over time in your small business?

blog May 09, 2023

Atomic Habits, a book written by James Clear, gained international popularity for its practical advice. 

The book explores an approach to creating positive habits and breaking negative ones. 

At Grow a Small Business, we know many small business owners often fail to stick to positive habits. 

Sometimes past beliefs will get in the way, even when we encourage them to take baby steps!

As the author suggests, real change comes from the compound effect of hundreds of small decisions. 

For example, doing two push-ups a day, waking up five minutes earlier or holding a single short phone call.

We know that small habits are easier to establish and maintain than larger ones. 

It's more realistic to commit to a small new habit, like only checking your email for 30 minutes a day than a larger one - like, completely revamping your marketing strategy. 

And we know you are more likely to stick with a new and smaller habit over a longer period of time.

Small habits can lead to big results over time, with the benefit of making significant progress without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. 

Try committing to three sales calls every day, which over a year could lead to hundreds of new connections.

Once you practise, the bigger tasks can break down into more manageable steps. 

You will practise prioritising your time and feel way more productive.

Let's think about your professional development and growth as a business owner. 

How can you explore this approach to help you create new learning habits?

How do you keep up with industry trends? 

Improve your knowledge and skills to help with improved decision-making and problem solving? 

Enhance your leadership style to meet your goal of building a strong team and culture?

Network to exchange ideas and increase your confidence as a small business owner?

Think about what steps you are going to take on your journey of building positive habits.

Here is a challenge to get you started about common belief systems, and finding the time to develop you:

Belief 1: I don't have enough time for professional development

Challenge yourself to find small pockets of time throughout your day. 

For example, listen to a podcast during a drive, read an article during a break or attend a webinar. 

Belief 2: Professional development is not a priority for me right now

Think about the long-term benefits for you, your team and your business. 

When will you prioritise your development, and if not now, when?

Belief 3: I already know everything there is to know about . . . 

Embrace a growth mindset and acknowledge there is always something more to learn. 

Seek out new opportunities even if it feels uncomfortable. 

You never know what exciting new thing there is to learn next

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