How agencies scale their business, improve their sales, and refine their operations within just 90 days using the Strategy Sprints method. (Simon Severino)

austria coaching fte 21-30 podcast sales $3m-$5m aud May 15, 2023

In this Grow A Small Business podcast episode, Troy interviews Simon Severino, founder of Strategy Sprints. He is based in Vienna, Austria. Simon, at the age of 21, started as one of a global team of strategic advisors in Switzerland. Realizing he wasn’t fit for the corporate lifestyle, he decided to do his own thing and founded Strategy Sprints, now with a staff of 25 FTEs, helping B2B firms win more easily and gracefully.

Oftentimes, B2B leaders, agency owners, and small-medium business owners find themselves struggling with time, marketing, and doubling their revenue. Simon assists them with growing their businesses by using the Strategy Sprints method, a robust strategy that will double your business’s revenue in just 90 days, freeing up to 10-14 hours of your time, delegating tasks to department heads, and following the “3 Habits.” Overall, improving the business's Net Promoter Score, shortening the long sales cycle, and commanding the prices you want.

According to Simon, he puts a great deal of effort into his business operations to add significant value. Diving in deep into topics that would help their clients, doing pretty much anything, from building external tools that the client would need, like blueprints, to assist them overcome their mindset challenges; carefully working on the product, and getting it right, to yield lots of great results.

This Cast Covers: 

  • Many types of agencies face very similar problems.
  • Helping agencies scale their business, improve their sales, and refine their operations.
  • The Strategy Sprints method: doubling your revenue in just 90 days.
  • Employing the services of a business coach to assist in overcoming difficulties.
  • Mapping things out and simplifying everything to maximize revenue while maintaining efficiency.
  • Marketing's critical role in a fast-growing business.
  • Putting up maximum effort in improving the business’s Net Promoter Score.
  • Diving in deep into topics that would suffice the needs of the client.
  • Creating hiring systems both before hiring and when onboarding.
  • Developing a team culture of accountability while dealing with it with grace.


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“It's tough to stay in the business and enjoy growing and scaling the business.” — Simon Severino.

“The reason is you want to deeply care about the people that you're here to serve and understand them better than they understand themselves.” — Simon Severino.

“Should we quit? We don't quit, we improve.” — Simon Severino.

“The other skill is that you have to help them overcome their own mindset challenges, increase their energy, tackle bigger problems, and hire people.” — Simon Severino.

“The culture is about how you moderate each meeting and how you deal with variations from the standard.” — Simon Severino.