7 tips to reduce micromanagement for small business owners

blog Sep 27, 2022

Do you remember why you started your business?

Maybe you had a vision for the meaningful impact or lifestyle you wanted to create?

We often find business owners working in a high-pressured job and stuck in the ‘day-to-day’. 

You find yourself doing everything when you should be leading everything. 

As your business experiences a growth curve, every area of your business will require more.

  • More marketing
  • More sales and customers
  • More product or service development and delivery
  • More operational requirements
  • More financial management, and
  • More people.

Each function of your business will demand more time and energy, but that does not mean it should be your time and energy. 

A key mistake we see business owners make is this: 

  • I will do more
  • I will work harder
  • I will sleep less

The paradigm shift is to go from ‘technician’, or the person with their hands on the tools, to ‘entrepreneur’ - the person leading your team towards the vision.

The goal is simple: How can you build a business that works without you, or not so much of you?

However, without the right advice or coaching most business owners struggle to achieve this. 

What does micro-managing mean for the business owner?

The main things we see, are:

  • You don't have a business, but a job
  • The small business cannot grow - your time is on lower value work, not high value ON the business, and
  • Your employee’s get frustrated and not empowered - you are a blockage.

What do you need to do to eliminate micro-management in a small business?

  • Must have the right mindset with clarity around your vision
  • Core values need to exist, and be lived
  • Systems and processes in place (eg. operational manual, sales playbook etc)
  • Software, for efficiency and automation where possible
  • Trust within the team
  • The right people in the right roles, and accountable - you must invest in your people

Tips to help eliminate a small business owner micro-managing

  1. Change your mindset
  2. Build the habit of delegating, coaching, training and supporting you team as you hand things off
  3. Put any other structures in place to curb the micro-managing temptation, like working out of the office more
  4. Read “The E-myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It
  5. Listen to the Manager Tools casts (the #1 downloaded business podcast) - started with those on delegation
  6. Consider hiring an EA or VA to manage the low value things on your plate
  7. Continually ask - what can I delegate?

From our experience firstly of being direct reports to terrible managers, then being shit managers in our own business - to now being effective managers, we put together the ‘Kick-Ass Manager’ online course. Check it out.