QFF 14+ years of experience in consulting and organizing culture strategies, now leading research & strategy on best practices in workplace culture. Helped smallest to largest client including a Fortune 10 company. (Jessica Kriegel)

podcast qff Jan 06, 2023

In this week’s Quick Fire Friday episode, Rob interviews Jessica Kriegel based in Sacrameto, California, United States. Jessica is a Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture at Culture Partners, leading research and strategy on best practices in workplace culture. 

Managing a firm without the best participation of your own staff may be challenging; here is where culture can become beneficial and should be addressed. Jessica helps company owners execute their own strategy and purpose for business transformation, such as recognizing the necessary activities, beliefs to apply, and experiences to generate.

Jessica has demonstrated via strategy and purpose that having a meaningful and quantifiable culture can add glitter to the business's image and help them obtain the greatest outcomes from the services they provided. She feels that culture is the finest tool we have for shaping our views for a better future.

This Cast Covers:

  • Who is Jessica Kriegel
  • Expert in culture and managing people.
  • Leading research and strategy around workplace culture.
  • Helps organizations of all sizes across all verticals across the globe
  • Having a fortune 10 company client.
  • Helping clients in a three-year cultural journey.
  • Understanding the impact of the business in the community.
  • Helping the organization achieve its goals and understand the context in which decisions are getting made.
  • Building a business with a good purpose.
  • Come in with a framework that helps people align culture to their customized strategy.


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"If people are blank enough, then culture is usually the answer to that problem."

“Everything is driven through purpose and strategy.” 

“Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, all of these things can be accomplished through culture.” —Jessica Kriegel

“Culture is the experience that we have, that shape our beliefs.” —Jessica Kriegel

“Understand the needed actions, what beliefs needs to have, and what experiences need to create.”



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