QFF 35+ years of experience in creating marketing that solves the customers’ problems and Founder of Small Business Big Marketing; now helping small-medium business owners make marketing their business a hobby. (Tim Reid)

podcast qff May 05, 2023

 In today’s Quick Fire Friday episode, Michael interviews Tim Reid, Founder and CEO of the Small Business Big Marketing. He’s based in Australia. Tim specializes in marketing, specifically helpful marketing, which means, creating marketing that solves the problems of your customers so they can make a more informed decision; other than that, he’s also a host of the 13-year-old, award-winning, Small Business Big Marketing Show, a popular keynote speaker, and a conference emcee.

In the big wide world of marketing, where there are many shiny objects, it can easily make you feel that marketing is complicated and overwhelming. However, that isn’t the case today where lots of services and technology will make marketing for small businesses easy. That’s where Tim comes in, Tim helps small-medium-sized business owners create marketing that works, that solves problems. He calls it, helpful marketing, a type of marketing that solves the problems that your customers have, a type of marketing that is more about building trust over time.

The one thing Tim recommends a small business owner go and do is to respect marketing, seriously contemplating and a good think about what you feel about the marketing of your business. To treat it as an expense or a hobby? Because when something’s a hobby, you find time for it, the money, the energy, and you can’t wait to do it.

This Cast Covers: 

  • Tim's insights into marketing and how he can assist small business owners.
  • Services and technology that make marketing for small businesses easy.
  • Small-medium business owners think marketing in the modern world is expensive.
  • Determining what constitutes a helpful marketing tactic.
  • The vitality of answering the big questions you get asked as a business owner.
  • Tim’s thoughts regarding risk in the context of marketing.
  • How Search Engine Optimization can significantly improve your advertising results.
  • Helpful marketing is a long-term process, not a quick dash.
  • Carefully contemplating about what you feel about marketing your business.


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“When something's a hobby, you find time for it, the money, the energy, you put it in your diary, and you can't wait to do it.” — Tim Reid.

“Sometimes a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous. Other times, it can be very helpful.” — Tim Reid.

“You just have to choose very, very wisely.” — Tim Reid.

“Helpful marketing is a marathon, it's not a sprint.” — Tim Reid.

“Play to your strengths.” — Tim Reid.