QFF 8 yrs experience as a life coach, who offers 45mins coaching sessions to discover what is keeping your success capped by eliminating self sabotage, gaining clarity and connecting back with self so you can level up from good to great. (Tegan Rein)

podcast qff Feb 24, 2023

In this episode, Rob interviews Tegan Rein, Managing Director of Tegan Rein Coaching. a well studied Life Coach who offers one to one and group coaching services via online Australia wide. Tegan has over 8 years experience as a Life Coach.

Tegan said 95% of transformation comes from awareness. So we need to take the time to stop and breathe and have a look at everything from a bird's eye view. It doesn’t really need a holiday, just reflect on what has happened to you at the end of the day, looking at where your energy went up and where it was drained and who those people were that were contributing to your positives or negatives and looking at what that would mean the next day.

Tegan’s website teganrein.com, provides a 32 question quiz to anyone to assess their strength and opportunities, offering a free coaching session after valued at $250.

This Cast Covers:

  • The importance of mindset to achieve goals
  • What a mindset and human behavior specialist does
  • The human evolution model framework
  • An example of a business owner she have helped
  • Tips for business owners
  • The free coaching session she provides from teganrein.com





“It's our responsibility to take control of our own happiness and our own peace.” — Tegan Rein

“Remember the view at the top of the mountain that we're looking to get to, and make sure that that view is always in our mindset daily.” — Tegan Rein

“A life and business empowerment coach is no dissimilar to an Olympian, having a coach helped them become the best in that sport and the best in the world.” — Tegan Rein

“Sometimes people will avoid things and they'll delegate them to someone else because it's not their favorite thing to do.” — Tegan Rein

“If you're in pain and survival, it's too much of a contrast, you have to start with a connection first.” — Tegan Rein

“It can be a lonely job at the top.” — Tegan Rein



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